Amateurs and the History of Technology

Clive Thompson

Thompson writes about digital technologies and their social and cultural impact for a number of publications, including the New York Times Magazine and Wired. Thompson originally wrote about the emergence of technology, much like Nicholas Carr, another author on the subject. However, Thompson now describes the "global self-expression" afforded to humanity by new forms of media. He writes about how tools affect how we think, but states that there are benefits from social thinking on internet. Thompson developed the idea of "ambient awareness," or the connections humans develop with each other through quick status updates throughout the day that ultimately end up being deep, intellectual and still social. He does acknowledge that ambient contact has caused the world to become too focused on the present. For Thompson, the internet is text that one can use to talk, argue, insult and compliment others with. Thompson stated in an interview that the internet will never replace cities because cities are too dynamic to replicate through technology. Thompson also states that cities and technology are connected because both are a way to foster connections. He writes that humanity is not yet overwhelmed by technology, and that humans have always faced new challenges with technology. Thompson's blog started in 2002 and attracts over 3000 hits a day.

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