Elevating AR

Jacob Loewenstein
AR is gearing up to be one of the shaping forces in technology as we enter the next decade. But not AR in its current form. The emergence of AI within AR will elevate the experience of today from mere graphics to an immersive, interactive reality unlike we’ve ever seen. As more creators ramp up the use of AI in their AR development, we’ll see the potential of the technology spread far beyond its entertainment possibilities, transforming industries such as manufacturing, fashion and healthcare and so much more.

Jacob Loewenstein helps drive AR/VR business development and product strategy at Samsung NEXT, Samsung’s software and services innovation arm. He received his MBA at MIT Sloan, where he co-founded VR/AR@MIT, which is dedicated to fostering VR/AR/MR innovation. Additionally, he was a founding Co-Organizer of the Reality, Virtually Hackathon at the MIT Media Lab, the biggest VR/AR hackathon. Prior to MIT, he worked in revenue strategy and business development at BuzzFeed and as a internal management consultant at Bridgewater Associates. He received his BA, Cum Laude, from Princeton University, where he studied the intersection of Media Theory and Public Policy.

Jacob is based in New York and has previously lectured on VR and AR at AWE, AR in Action at NYU/MIT, Illuminate Global at Harvard, and Hacking Arts at the MIT Media Lab. He has also lectured on digital media at Princeton. When not pontificating about AR, Jacob likes to sing Macy Gray at karaoke.

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